Schedules & Maps (All Routes)

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Most routes have up to three schedules – Monday to Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Some routes change their routing during different times of the day, be sure to check the route map to understand which route the bus will take.

On this website, reading the schedule from top to bottom will tell you the direction of travel and how long the bus takes to travel between time points. Time points are major locations along the route, not all bus stops are listed on the schedule. The bus will stop at any bus stop between time points, unless the schedule indicates it is an express. If your bus stop is located between two time points, please refer to the times of the time point before your bus stop.

Read across the rows to find the time closest to when you want to travel. Please be at your bus stop at least five minutes before the bus is due to arrive.

A space with no time indicated or symbol "--" is shown, means that the bus does not service that time point. The bus will enter service at the first time point with a time, and go out of service after arriving at the last time point with a time.