Fare Policy

The management of fares, refunds, transfers and more.


All customers, who are not eligible for free transit, are required to pay full Oakville Transit fare each time they board a vehicle.

Fare refunds

All Oakville Transit’s monthly passes and paper tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. PRESTO monthly passes cannot be converted to regular funds.

For information on other PRESTO card balance refunds, visit our PRESTO page.

Monthly passes

Monthly passes are valid for unlimited travel during the current calendar month.

Adult monthly passes can be loaded on a PRESTO card on the PRESTO website, in person at any PRESTO agents or Shoppers Drug Mart locations in Oakville, or in real time using the official PRESTO app

Oakville Transit monthly passes cannot be loaded at a GO Transit station. If you load a monthly pass online it may take 24 hours for it to appear on your card. A monthly pass can be loaded up to seven days into the current month or 19 days prior to the next month.

Load your monthly passes at these locations:

  • Oakville Town Hall, 1225 Trafalgar Road (debit and credit sales only)
  • Oakville Transit office, 430 Wyecroft Road
  • Shoppers Drug Mart locations in Oakville:
    • Third Line and Dundas, 2501 Third Line
    • Bronte, 2297 Lakeshore Road West
    • Dundas and Neyagawa, 478 Dundas Street West
    • Dundas and Prince Michael, 2525 Prince Michael Drive
    • Kerr and Speers, 550 Kerr Street
    • Oakville Place, 240 Leighland Avenue
    • South Oakville Centre, 1515 Rebecca Street
    • Trafalgar and Cornwall, Olde Oakville Marketplace, 351 Cornwall Road
    • Upper Middle and Eighth Line, Upper Oakville Shopping Centre, 1011 Upper Middle Road East

Monthly passes are non-refundable, non-transferable and cannot be converted to regular funds on the PRESTO card.

Paper monthly passes for adults are only available for special purpose. They must be purchased in advance from Oakville Transit at 430 Wyecroft Road. Paper monthly passes must be shown to the bus driver each time you board. Oakville Transit’s paper monthly passes are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Paper passes and tickets

Paper passes and tickets remain the property of Oakville Transit and are subject to confiscation without refund if the holder violates these conditions, alters the tickets or pass or tries to use it unlawfully.

Adult, youth and senior paper monthly passes and tickets have been discontinued and replaced by the PRESTO card. Paper tickets for adults are only available for special purpose. 

Put the ticket into the farebox when you board the bus.

In general, paper passes and tickets:

  • Can only be purchased for special purpose from the Oakville Transit at the 430 Wyecroft Road office
  • Must not be altered or reproduced in any fashion
  • Are non-refundable and non-transferable
  • Will not be replaced if lost or stolen


PRESTO cards can be loaded with funds or a monthly pass. For information on where to get a PRESTO card, how to set up your card and how to use one, visit our PRESTO page.

TTC paper PRESTO tickets are not valid on Oakville Transit buses.

Child, youth and senior PRESTO cards

New PRESTO cards for children, youths or seniors must be programmed in person at a PRESTO agent to ensure the user receives the fare discount.

For more information link to the PRESTO page.


Oakville Transit uses time-expired transfers. 

  • Transfers are valid for two hours, for unlimited travel in any direction on any route. 
  • The two-hour window begins from the time of the first boarding.

Transferring with PRESTO

If you are using a PRESTO card, your transfer is automatically stored on the card and gives you a two-hour window to complete your travel after your first tap-on. 

  • Tap your PRESTO card each time you board a bus. 
  • A paper transfer will not be issued.

Transferring with cash or special purpose tickets

If you use cash or special purpose ticket, you will have to ask the driver for a paper transfer. 

  • Show the paper transfer to the bus driver each time you board a bus to verify that it is valid.

Transfers will not be reissued

  • Oakville Transit will not reissue transfers. 
  • Transfers are only valid for use by the customer to whom the transfer was issued. 
  • Expired transfers will not be accepted. 
  • Passengers are required to pay the regular fare once their transfer has expired. 
  • Transfers are considered void if mutilated.

Transferring from other transit systems

Oakville Transit accepts transfers from the following GTHA transit systems if there is time remaining on the transfer:

  • Brampton Transit
  • Burlington Transit
  • Durham Region Transit
  • Hamilton Street Railway
  • MiWay
  • York Region Transit and VIVA

For additional information about transferring to and from MiWay or Burlington Transit, visit our Connecting Services page.