Kids, Youth and Seniors Ride Free

We are pleased to offer free rides to kids/youth (0-19 years) and seniors (65 and older).

Ride free with PRESTO

Oakville Transit is pleased to offer free rides for kids, youth (0-19) and seniors (65 years and older).

To benefit from this free program, customers must have a PRESTO card and tap when boarding the bus. Kids 0-12 do not require a PRESTO card when accompanied by a parent/guardian.

The free rides apply all day, seven days a week on all Oakville Transit services: Conventional fixed routes, care-A-van and Ride On-Demand (Home to Hub).

Customers who do not have a PRESTO card when boarding will be required to pay a fare of $4.

For additional information, please contact Oakville Transit at or 905-815-2020.

Program details

Having a PRESTO card ensures that youth and seniors are entitled to the free ride, and allows Oakville Transit to collect ridership data, which helps inform service improvements and future initiatives. 

Your ride will be recorded on PRESTO as a $0 dollar fare.

For youth and senior customers who do not have a PRESTO card when boarding, they will have to pay the exact cash fare of $4.

Turning 20 years old

Your PRESTO card will default to an adult card. No further action is required by the customer.

Turning 65 years old

You will have to present your card at a service counter to have the correct age category (senior) set to the card with your birthdate. Please provide ID to show your birthdate.

Check fares for other transit agencies, such as Burlington Transit or MiWay, before your ride

Each transit agency sets its own fares and pricing. We recommend checking with those agencies prior to traveling.

Oakville Transit will not be refunding any unused/pre-purchased tickets.