Policies & Procedures

Make your trip a safe and enjoyable one.

Failure to comply with any of these policies may result in being required to leave the bus. 

A customer will also be required to leave the bus for behaviour such as spitting, use of profanity, insulting or obscene language whether it is directed at the driver or a fellow customer.

Age requirements

Conventional and On Demand Service:

  • Parents and/or guardians are solely responsible for ensuring their children can independently use the transit system before permitting their child, aged 16 or younger, to travel unattended when using Oakville Transit services. Children under the age of 5 must be accompanied by an adult.

Specialized Service:

  • Children 12 and under must be accompanied by an adult


The consumption of alcohol is strictly prohibited in any Oakville Transit bus, shelter or at terminals.


Backpacks are to be removed before boarding an Oakville Transit bus. 

While seated the backpack should be placed on your lap. 

A backpack or any other carried item should not prevent another customer from being seated.

Behind the Line

Customers must remain behind the yellow or white line.

Customers must remain seated or hold onto the handrail.

Customers should refrain from lengthy or non-travel related conversations with the driver.

Bikes and e-scooters

All Oakville Transit conventional buses are equipped with bike racks which can carry two standard bikes. 

Bikes may be transported onboard the bus under the following conditions: the bike rack is full, inoperable, or the bike is an e-bike (motorized bikes cannot be placed on the bike rack). 

Bikes (including e-bikes) are permitted on board if they are not inconveniencing other customers or impacting customer safety. Bikes cannot block the aisle or impact access to accessible seating. Bikes are permitted on board at the sole discretion of the bus driver. 

E-scooters are allowed on Oakville Transit buses as long as there is space on the bus, and the accessible seating area and aisles are not blocked. 

E-scooters are not permitted on the bike rack. You must dismount from your e-scooter at terminals. Your e-scooter must be turned off before boarding the bus. You may not ride the e-scooter while on the bus. 

Buggies and larger items

When there is space, when other customers will not be affected or at the driver’s discretion buggies and other large articles may be allowed on the bus. The driver may decline to allow such objects at any time that he/she feels safety may be compromised.

Customers are required to carry their own buggies or articles on and off the bus.

For the safety of all customers, the aisles must not be blocked by such articles.


For more information visit the Fare Policy page.

Hazardous materials

Toxic, flammable or hazardous substances or materials are not permitted in any Oakville Transit bus, shelter or at terminals.

Light snacks

Light snacks are permitted to be carried and/or consumed in an Oakville Transit bus. 

All food and drinks must be properly contained and any resulting litter must be taken with the customer upon leaving the bus and disposed of responsibly.


Use of personal audio equipment with earphones is permitted. 

Volume must be kept at an acceptable level as determined by the driver. The volume cannot be such that it disturbs either the driver or other customers.

Personal belongings

Customers are responsible for their personal belongings. 

Oakville Transit assumes no responsibility for any lost article.


Service animals are permitted on board an Oakville Transit bus. All other pets must be leashed or contained in an animal cage. The driver may refuse to allow a customer to board with an animal if these conditions are not met. 

Exotic animals are not allowed on board the bus. 

The customer bringing the pet on board the Oakville Transit bus shall be responsible for the care and control of their pet. 

Recreational gear

Wearing in-line skates, rollers skates and use of skateboards is not permitted on any Oakville Transit bus, shelter or on terminal platforms. 

Shirts and shoes must be worn while onboard any Oakville Transit bus.

Smoking and vaping

Smoking is strictly prohibited on any Oakville Transit bus, shelters or on terminal platforms. 

This includes the use of e-cigarettes.


Strollers may be carried on buses; however, for safety reasons, the child is to be removed from the stroller and the stroller folded and placed so as not to interfere with the movement of customers in the aisle.