Oakville Transit provides a door-to-door transportation service called care-A-van for persons with disabilities.

The service is provided
Monday to Friday, 6 a.m. to 2 a.m.;
Saturday, 7 a.m. to 2 a.m.; and
Sunday and statutory holidays, 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.

Who is eligible for this service?

Anyone who is unable to use conventional transit service due to their disability is eligible to apply.

How can I apply for this service?

To apply for care-A-van service (Para-Transit service), you must first complete an application form available at:

  • Oakville Transit office, 430 Wyecroft Road
  • Town Hall, 1225 Trafalgar Road
  • call 905-337-9222 to have one mailed to you
  • print the online form care-A-van application form (accessible pdf, 234 kB)

Completed forms can be returned to

Para-Transit Application Office
c/o Oakville Transit
1225 Trafalgar Road
Oakville, ON L6H 0H3
Fax: 905-338-4166

Applications for Para-Transit service must be certified by a medical practitioner and will be reviewed for approval. Once approved, you will be contacted by mail and assigned a registration number. Applications will be reviewed within 14 calendar days from date of receipt of a fully completed application form. If approved, eligibility will be granted on an unconditional, conditional or temporary basis.

My application for service was denied. Can I appeal the decision?

Yes, if you are found to be ineligible for service, you may appeal the decision in writing within 60 days of the date on the denial letter. Send your appeal letter by regular mail, fax or email:

Para-Transit Application Office
c/o Oakville Transit
1225 Trafalgar Road
Oakville, ON L6H 0H3
Fax: 905-338-4166

An independent appeal committee will review your appeal and make a decision. As part of the review, you may be asked to attend an in-person interview with the appeal committee. If that is required, a meeting date will be set and transportation will be provided for you. Once a decision has been reached, you will be notified by letter.

If your appeal is denied, you must wait 12 months before re-applying for service unless there is a significant and documented change in your physical functional mobility.

How do I book a ride?

  • Use the On Demand self-serve booking service to book, cancel and confirm your own rides by phone, online or with the Amble mobile app.
  • Call 905-337-9222, Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. to make a booking.
  • Know the addresses of the origin and destination of the ride, pick-up and drop-off times, and whether or not you will be travelling alone or with an attendant/support person.
  • If you wish to book a ride to the same location at the same time each week (known as subscription trips) contact the dispatcher one week in advance of the first ride.

Where can I travel to?

Oakville care-A-van services can be used to travel within the municipal boundary of Oakville. Connections are possible between Burlington Handi Van and Peel Transhelp. It is the responsibility of the customer to make their own bookings that connect at transfer points.

Is care-A-van service accessible?

Yes. Oakville care-A-van uses accessible vehicles to provide door-to-door service. Service is supplemented in partnership with local taxi providers.

Keeping the system fair for everyone

Late cancels, no-shows and cancels-at-the-door negatively affect the service for everyone. They are also costly and make the system less productive.

To ensure that the service is available to everyone who requires it, the following policies are in effect:

When do I need to be ready for my pick-up?

Customers must be ready and waiting for the vehicle ten minutes on either side of the scheduled pick-up time. Vehicles will not wait for late customers and staff will not call customers to ask if they are ready for their trip.

No-Show and Late Cancellations

When a customer does not show up for a trip or cancels at the last minute, our resources cannot be used for other care-A-van customers. Customers are required to provide more than four hours’ notice before their scheduled pick up time to cancel a trip; otherwise it will be considered a late cancellation.

Definition of a Late Cancellation

Any booked trip cancelled less than four hours before the scheduled pick-up time. This includes trips that are booked as a same-day trip request.

Definition of Cancel-at-the-Door

Any booked trip cancelled after the care-A-van vehicle or taxi has arrived at the pick-up location.

Definition of a No-Show

Any trip booked where the care-A-van vehicle or taxi arrives at the pick-up location and the customer is not there.

A violation occurs and is tracked when a customer has more than three incidents per month. This can happen through a combination of Late Cancellations, Cancel-at-the Door or No-Shows.

Written warnings will be issued for infractions of care-A-van policies. Additional incidents will result in a review of care-A-van service eligibility and could lead to suspension of service.

Other policies

  • Companions are permitted, space permitting
  • Drivers are not required to carry groceries or parcels
  • Drivers are not permitted to enter a customer's place of residence
  • Drivers cannot make unscheduled stops or stop-overs

care-A-van customers are encouraged to use wheelchairs and scooters that comply with Canadian Standards Association (CSA) standards when travelling on care-A-van services to optimize safety for all passengers:

  • The combined weight of the wheelchair/scooter and passenger shall not exceed 600 pounds.
  • The maximum base dimensions for wheelchairs, scooters or walkers shall not exceed 30 by 50 inches.
  • All wheelchairs shall be equipped with a seat belt (lap belt), which must be used.
  • Wheelchairs and scooters shall have functioning brakes.