About Us

Why use transit?

A full transit bus takes 40 vehicles off the road during rush hour, saving 70,000 litres of fuel and reducing air pollutants by nine tonnes a year.

One full 40-foot bus is equivalent to a line of 58 moving cars stretching six city blocks if traffic is moving at 40 km/h.

An automobile driver uses more energy and creates more air pollution in just four years on the road than a transit passenger does in 40 years.

About our facility

The construction of the new Oakville Transit facility was completed in March 2011. The facility was designed to LEED Silver certification.

The facility is to home to all Oakville Transit Administration, Operations (including care-A-van), and Maintenance, as well as Oakville's Parking Enforcement Operations.

Some of the building's green design features include:

  • A geo-thermal heating and cooling system
  • Exterior lighting that is LED and “dark sky” compliant
  • Rainwater collection system for reuse in the bus wash
  • Building materials with recycled content
  • Energy efficient lighting and water efficient fixtures

Oakville Transit will offer tours to the community every first Wednesday of the month. Due to COVID restrictions, tours have been postponed until further notice.

To RSVP for a tour please contact:

Joanne Phoenix
Manager of Planning & Administrative Services
905-845-6601, ext. 3504