Service changes in response to COVID-19

Friday, April 9, 2021

Updated: April 9, 2021


The approval and availability of COVID-19 vaccines is an important step in our collective response to stop the spread of the virus. Learn more on the Halton Region COVID-19 vaccines website. For information on transportation options for residents 60 years or older to the vaccine clinic in Oakville, visit our COVID-19 vaccination clinic transportation section in our care-A-van page.

General announcements

Additional cleaning and disinfecting treatment of the Oakville Transit fleet is being done regularly.

To keep customers and operators safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, we have implemented these new procedures:

  • Under the provinewide stay-at-home order, please only use transit for essential trips.
  • Non-medical masks or face coverings are mandatory when travelling on Oakville Transit. Children under the age of two, people with disabilities or other medical conditions that prevent them from wearing any mask will not be required to wear one. It’s important to remember, not all disabilities or medical conditions are visible. Please be kind and support each other.
  • Maintain physical distancing of 2-metre or 6-feet distance from others at the bus stop.
  • Please board the bus through the front door and exit by the rear door. Customers requiring mobility assistance may exit by the front door.
  • In an effort to protect passengers and drivers from COVID-19, protective driver shields have been installed around the bus operator cab on all conventional buses so customers can board and pay fares at the front.
  • PRESTO customers are strongly encouraged to load their cards online and visit the PRESTO card website to learn about how, and where to go, to load a PRESTO card.
  • We have added a red line on the floor at the front of the bus. Customers are asked to remain behind the red line.
  • To promote safe physical distancing while on board, Oakville Transit has established maximum passenger limits and blocked off a number of seats by marking them with “seat restricted” signs. Please do not sit in a seat marked with a sign. If all unmarked seats in the bus are occupied, the driver will by-pass the next stops on route until there is seating available. The driver will also be requesting dispatch of a stand-by bus to this route. If you are waiting at a bus stop and the bus drives past you, please remain at the bus stop; a stand-by bus will be there to pick you up within approximately 10 minutes.
  • Oakville Transit cannot guarantee the ability to maintain physical distance on-board.

Oakville Transit administration office is open to the public during regular business hours.

  • SPLIT Pass sales is available for purchase at the Oakville Transit office and can be purchased with cash, debit or credit.
  • Lost and Found pick up is available at the Oakville Transit administration office. If you have lost a valuable item, please email us at with the description of the item. Staff will check to see if your item is available for pick up.

Follow the Oakville Transit twitter @oakvilletransit to stay informed.

For all facility closures and impacted town services, visit the Town of Oakville COVID-19 information page.

Conventional transit service

Effective Sunday, May 2, 2021, Oakville Transit will increase Monday to Friday midday service to every 30 minutes on Routes 13, 18, 19, 20 and 28. Visit schedules and maps for complete schedules or open Oakville Transit service schedules effective May 2, 2021 (pdf, 1.39MB)

Oakville Transit is currently operating at a modified service level:

  • Monday to Friday – Routes 3, 4, 5/5A, 14/14A and 24 will operate from approximately 6 a.m. to midnight, every 30 minutes during the day and hourly in the evening. Most other routes will operate every 30 minutes during morning and afternoon rush hours and every 60 minutes during off peak hours, with some routes providing rush hour only service.
  • School specials are available.
  • Saturday – Routes 3, 4, 5/5A, 14/14A and 24 will operate from approximately 7 a.m. to midnight. Routes 5/5A, 14/14A and 24 will operate every 30 minutes during the day. All other routes will operate hourly service from approximately 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.
  • Sunday – Service will operate from approximately 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Routes 14/14A and 24 will operate every 30 minutes. All other routes will operate hourly.
  • Late Night Service, Senior Specials, Oakville Place and Metro charters will not operate.

Visit schedules and maps for current schedules.

Email or call 905-815-2020 if you need assistance. Google trip planner and real-time bus tracking are available.

On Demand service: care-A-van and Home to Hub

In response to the provincewide stay-at-home order, care-A-van will be providing essential trips only.

  • Essential trips include medical, pharmacy, grocery, banking and work
  • Companions are restricted from travelling at this time
  • Non-medical masks or face coverings are mandatory
  • Customers and attendants will be asked screening questions at their pick-up location prior to boarding the bus

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