Routes 4 and 28 detour - UPDATE

Thursday, July 6, 2017

Routes 4 and 28 will return to regular routing on Friday, December 22.  We thank you for your patience during the detour.

The watermain construction continues along the north side of Speers Road towards Kerr Street. During the construction, Speers Road will remain open but reduced to one lane each direction. Routes 4 and 28 will be on detour to avoid the area.

Route 4 will detour via Speers, Kerr, Wyecroft, Dorval and Speers in both directions.

Route 28 will detour via Speers, Kerr, Wyecroft and Dorval in both directions. Temporary stops will be in place on Wyecroft east of Dorval.

The following stops will be out of service during the detour

#2719 - Speers Rd. eastbound at Dorval Dr.
#2701 - Speers Rd. eastbound, east of Dorval Dr.
#2558 - 230 Speers Rd.
#2981 - Speers Rd. eastbound at Kerr St.

#2980 - Speers Rd. westbound, west of Kerr St.
#2289 - Speers Rd. and Woody Rd.
#2720 - Speers Rd. westbound at Dorval Dr.

#2477 - Dorval Dr. southbound at Wyecroft
#3051 - Dorval Dr. northbound at Wyecroft

Customers on Speers Road are advised to use the stops on Speers Road east of Kerr Street, or on Speers Road at Morden Road.

Route 4 detour map

Route 28 detour map


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