Schedules & Maps - School Specials

Oakville Transit provides school specials to most of the secondary schools in Oakville. School specials run from September to the end of June. The specials do not run on statutory holidays, school holidays, March Break or during the summer months. Regular fares apply on all school specials.

Transit services to all the secondary schools in Oakville are listed below.

St. Thomas Aquinas C.S.S.

Route 14 & 14A Lakeshore West

T.A. Blakelock S.S.

Route 14 & 14A Lakeshore West
Route 83 Blakelock afternoon special (east to Reynolds Street and west to Bridge Road)

White Oaks S.S.

Route 13 Westoak Trails (at Sixth Line and Culham St.)
Route 19 River Oaks
Route 71 White Oaks S.S. afternoon special (to River Oaks and Westoak Trails)

School Specials Schedules & Maps