PRESTO E-Tickets

PRESTO E-Tickets are a new, convenient and touchless way to pay your fare. PRESTO E-Tickets can be purchased, activated and displayed for payment using your smartphone with the PRESTO E-Tickets app.

PRESTO E-Tickets offer the same single-fare price as a PRESTO card for adult, senior and youth fares. They are the ideal fare payment option for:

  • Occasional riders
  • Visitors to Oakville
  • Group travel for multiple passengers

You can buy PRESTO E-Tickets with the PRESTO E-Tickets app using all major credit cards, as well as Debit Mastercard and Visa Debit. You’ll need access to the internet at the time of purchasing. E-Tickets will remain in your account until you activate them. Saving them on your smartphone means you can view and activate an E-Ticket without an internet connection.

PRESTO E-Tickets do not expire. They are final sale and cannot be refunded. They are only valid if activated on a smartphone that you are carrying with you when you take transit. Printouts are not accepted.

You can buy and activate up to 20 E-Tickets at a time, and use those to travel with others who do not have the PRESTO E-Tickets app. Your group must stay together in case you are asked to show proof of payment or if you plan to transfer during your E-Ticket travel window.

You can also send unused E-Tickets to someone else through the PRESTO E-Tickets app. Tickets can only be received by E-Tickets app users, otherwise the tickets are lost and cannot return to the sender.

Just before you board the bus, activate your E-Ticket by opening the PRESTO E-Tickets app on your phone, select the E-Ticket you want to use and select “Activate.” The app will display a QR code that you will scan on the PRESTO device on the bus. An activated PRESTO E-Ticket on your smartphone is your proof-of-payment.

Once you activate the E-Ticket, you can travel for up to two hours with the same ticket. The app will display the time when your travel window will expire and a countdown timer at the bottom of the activated ticket screen. Open the app and scan the QR code of the originally activated ticket each time you board a bus.

When using care-A-van or Home to Hub, present your the activated E-Ticket to the driver for visual validation.

PRESTO E-Tickets are currently only available to use locally on Oakville Transit. They are not currently available for use on Burlington Transit, MiWay or GO Transit. If you’re transferring to Burlington Transit or MiWay, ask the driver for a paper transfer at the time of boarding.

PRESTO E-Tickets are not connected to your PRESTO card or account. They can only be purchased and used through the PRESTO E-Tickets app. They do not count toward loyalty programs, discounted transfers or co-fares that may be in place for PRESTO cardholders.

Download the E-Tickets app

Download the PRESTO E-Tickets app on the App Store or Google Play.

For more information, visit the PRESTO E-Tickets website.