PRESTO contactless payment

No cash? No problem. Way more ways to tap on.

Starting August 11, 2022, you can pay the $4 cash fare on an Oakville Transit bus using your contactless (tap payment feature enabled) credit card, or the mobile wallet on your smartphone or watch.

Simply tap your credit card or mobile wallet on the PRESTO card reader when you board the bus. It’s another way to pay your fare if you don’t have a PRESTO card or exact cash.

At this time, participating transit systems include GO Transit, Miway, Brampton Transit and Oakville Transit. You don’t need to ask for a paper transfer if you are transferring between these systems – PRESTO machines will be able to know if you paid your fare using a credit card or mobile wallet within the two-hour transfer period. You can simply tap your credit card or mobile wallet when you are transferring between buses.

Contactless payments include mobile wallets on smartphones, such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay, and more. However, debit cards are not currently accepted, and prepaid credit cards and gift cards will not work.

For additional information, visit the PRESTO contactless payment website.